Sentencing Council

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​​Review of fraud and fraud-related offences

The Attorney General has asked us to review sentencing for fraud and fraud-related offences in New South Wales.

We seek your views on sentencing for fraud through a Consultation PaperThe deadline for submissions is 4 November 2022. How to make a submission.

Please contact us, if you would like to discuss any issues arising from this project.

Further information

Terms of Reference

The Sentencing Council is asked to conduct a review of sentencing for fraud and fraud related offences in New South Wales, especially but not limited to offences in Part 4AA of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), and make any recommendations for reform that it considers appropriate.

In undertaking this review, the Sentencing Council should:

  1. provide sentencing statistics for convictions over a five year period;
  2. provide information on the characteristics of offenders, sentence type and length; and
  3. provide background information, including:
    • the key sentencing principles and reasoning employed by sentencing judges;
    • the mitigating subjective features of offenders; and
    • any other significant factors considered in sentencing decisions that explain how courts come to their final decision on sentence (which may be done using case-studies or collation of predominate themes across cases).