Sentencing Council

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​Repeat traffic offenders

Terms of reference

The Sentencing Council is to review the sentencing of recidivist traffic offenders who may pose an ongoing risk to the community and make recommendations for reform to promote road safety. In conducting the review, the Council should:

  1. Provide sentencing statistics on such offenders and analyse them in terms of relevant offender characteristics;
  2. Consider the principles the courts should apply when sentencing such offenders;
  3. Have regard to the availability of, and relevant findings on, driver intervention programs and other initiatives in NSW and other comparable jurisdictions;
  4. Consult with road safety and other experts, and consider international best practice, on how best to deter recidivist traffic offenders from reoffending and encourage safe driving practices; and
  5. Have regard to any other matter the Council considers relevant.

[Reference received: 18 April 2018]